We teased our new marketing automations feature in our previous feature update. We’re happy to announce that the new automation flows and options are now available and you can access it in the “Automations” tab of the marketing section in your Gymdesk account.

What’s New

Up until now, our automations feature provided a linear sequence of Email / text messages sent on a specific schedule. The new automation feature adds many additional actions that you can automate, including creating tasks, tagging, changing member / lead type and status and even sending webhooks.

In addition there’s new flow control options – such as splitting the automation based on a certain condition, allow you to create much more intricate logic.

New Actions

The new actions in the automations are as follows:

  • Change Contact – allows you to change lead to a member / visitor and vice versa, and also change the status of the contact (for example, changing a lead to “cold” if do not respond by the end of the automation). Here you can also add a tag to a member, which can be used in other parts of the automation.
  • Create a task – You can automatically create a task in a certain point in the automation, and optionally assign it to a specific staff member.
  • Send a webhook – This is a more advanced option, but for of you who have external services that you use as part of your process, you can now automate sending data out of Gymdesk at a specific point in the automation.

Flow Control

New flow control option allow you to create more intricate logic in your automation, beyond just a linear set of actions.

  • Split – You can split your automation based on a variety of conditions – such as if the lead booked a session, or signed up for a trial or even responded to the automation. Contacts who fulfill the condition continue on the right path, while the rest continue on the left path.
  • Start Automation – You can have another automation start when the member reaches a certain point in the current automation. This allows you to chain automations and continue to engage your leads / members automatically as they move through different statuses and memberships.
  • Delay – Delays are now separate items in the automations, to make it clearer how the automation will progress chronologically. If there is no delay between items, those will be processed one after the other with no delay.

Push Notifications

With our recent mobile app release for members, you have the ability to send push notifications to members who have the app installed. This messaging option is now also available in the automations, allowing you to add a very reliable communication channel to your automated messaging.

New Email Editor

To allow you to craft more unique messages, we’ve upgraded the Email message editor with additional layouting options, allowing you to add columns, buttons and more to your messages.

Pausing individual automations

You can now pause individual automations from the automation list, allowing you to stop an automation for a while, without deleting it.

Automation Reporting

You can now see reporting for each step in the automation to see how many contacts reach each step, how many are reading your messages, and which messages cause people to unsubscribe.


The automations’ documentation has been updated to cover all of the functionality that’s now available. Please go over it if you have any questions as to what anything does.

Coming soon – Automations library

We’re currently working on create a library of automations based on best practices we’ve seen at different gyms. You’ll be able to access it soon from your marketing automations screen as well.

That’s it for this update! We hope you find the new functionality useful. We’ll continue to polish and improve the options available going forward, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any feedback for us.

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