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We empower you to ditch the membership spreadsheet and pen-and-paper and save countless hours of frustration with our state-of-the-art user experience design, so you can focus on your growing your business and teaching your members.

Keep records, resolve billing, manage content, and see attendance & training progress, all from one place.

It’s simple, intuitive, and has everything you need ready to go.

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Manage your members, payments and track attendance from one place

All your members' information, easily accessible on your laptop or mobile device.

Martial arts belt tracking software on steroids. Update member information quickly, identify billing issues at a glance, easily keep track of attendance, rank, skill progress & much more.

Digital member sign-up and waivers

Sign-up members at your front-desk, using a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, or remotely via a link you can send via Email. Members sign a waiver form digitally, freeing you from the paper trail.

At sign-up, you can note how the member found your gym and if he arrived via a referral. This data is aggregated and shown in the marketing dashboard.

Detailed member information on demand

So much more than gym or martial arts membership software. Manage member information online and access it from your gym, your home or on the go. Keep track of each member with an easy-to-use, modern interface that provides important insights and reduces time waste.

Manage memberships and gym access

Set up memberships with highly customized pricing formats - recurring payments, one-time payments, pay-per-session, session packs and trial memberships.

Memberships can provide gym access to members based on expiration, number of sessions per purchase / day / week / month, gym programs and more.

Import and export member data at any time

Import your existing member data from most applications and services, and even Excel spreadsheets. If you need help importing your old member data, please get in touch and we'll do our best to help!

Your data on our service can be exported back at any time, as Excel readable files (CSV files). You can open your member data in your spreadsheet application, or use it for migrating to a different service if you decide to do so.

An easier way to keep your records up-to-date

Personal details change all the time - people move and phone numbers change. Make your life easier by allowing your members to update their information themselves on their own online account.

Faster resolution of billing issues

In the case of a missed payment or expired payment card, members receive Email notifications detailing the problem, and directs them to update their payment information online and pay their outstanding charges.

Exclusive member content

Provide exclusive member content and videos through the member portal, and segment it by membership, program and rank.

Full access to attendance history and training progress

Members can track their training history and review their progress from their online accounts, helping to maintain their motivation to train. They can also review reference material created by you or your staff that you can attach to specific classes they've attended.

Gym management software that frees up your time and helps you grow.

Simplified billing, enrollment, student management, and marketing features that help you grow your gym or martial arts school.

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