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Detailed reports are awesome, but most days you just need to see the important stuff at a glance. With our beautifully designed reports and dashboards, it's easy to know exactly how your business is doing any day of the week.

Quickly get the status of:

  • Monthly revenue and yearly projections
  • Notifications on members, billing, memberships and much more
  • Member acquisition, retention and churn

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Revenue and attendance graphs

Check at a glance the billing situation for the current month and attendance for the previous week, providing you with a snapshot of the current health of your gym or martial arts school.

Member and billing notifications

Many types of important notifications are aggregated for your convenience, from billing notifications about overdue payments and expired payment cards to member status notifications.

You can also set your own custom notifications to make sure nothing falls between the cracks.

In progress and upcoming training sessions

Current and upcoming training sessions are shown with live tracking of attendance. Keep track of who is training at your facilities from anywhere.

Sales Reporting

Get real time revenue data for your point-of-sale, and breakdown of taxes, discounts and refunds.

Input cost-of-goods for your products to automatically calculate your profit margins.

Change report dates on the fly, and see comparison to previous date periods. See how your revenue is growing over time.

Monthly acquisition and revenue reports

View monthly summaries on your member acquisition and churn, as well as overall income.

Get yearly and monthly projections for revenue based on recurring and schedule payments, and past performance.

See how your metrics grow or decrease on a monthly basis to understand how your business is doing.

Gym management software that frees up your time and helps you grow.

Simplified billing, enrollment, student management, and marketing features that help you grow your gym or martial arts school.

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