Looking for a headache-free gym, martial arts, or fitness POS system?

With our expertly designed POS software, you’ll be tracking merchandise, shooting financials to your accountant, sending invoices, and racking up sales before you know it.

And you can try it out right now, no obligation. Seriously, no painful sales calls or credit card info required. (Yes, the system is so easy to use that you don’t need training.)

So go on, see for yourself how great this gym POS is!

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Create payment card or cash transactions on demand

Accepts payment cards or cash payments at your front desk or on the go.

Members can use their existing payment method to pay for goods without providing additional payment information.

Manage products and inventory

Manage product information and variation in our software for a simplified and faster checkout process.

Track inventory numbers to make sure you always have the right items in stock.

Effortless Physical Point-of-sale

Swipe or chip payment cards with a physical POS terminal.

Integrates wirelessly with your account for member payments or product sales.

Online Store

Sell your gear and product online in your own standalone online store.

Accept orders for pick-up at your physical location, or collect addition shipping details for shipping your products anywhere.

Simplify your bookkeeping and accounting

All sales are logged digitally and accessible on your account from any device with an Internet connection.

Export sales data per date range to a format used by Quickbooks or any other accounting software.

Handle gym invoices, refunds and returns with ease

Email invoices are automatically generated for each sale on your behalf. Gym invoices are also printable for presenting a physical copy to the customer.

Sales can be cancelled, refunded and partially refunded according to your needs.

Gym management software that frees up your time and helps you grow.

Simplified billing, enrollment, student management, and marketing features that help you grow your gym or martial arts school.

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