Attendance tracking designed with you in mind.

Provide a modern member experience with a self service tablet at your gym’s front desk.

  • Members can check-in to class and visitors can sign-up digitally without you lifting a finger.
  • Or allow members to check-in online on their mobile devices.
  • You can backdate and take bulk attendance using our mass check-in feature - giving you complete control while saving you time and effort.

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Self-service attendance tracking

Members and visitors can check-in at your front-desk with a keypad attached to a desktop computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

This is also perfect for "contactless" session attendance tracking when your gym is operating under pandemic restrictions.

Each member has their own 4-digit code for checking-in, and can also check-in using a name search.

Attendance Graphs and Analytics

We don't just provide a gym attendance tracker: we take that data and make it useful to you.

Attendance data is pooled together and organized in a way that provides you with everything you need to know about your gym or school foot traffic at a glance. This includes powerful member attendance and demographics reports.

Reporting is also under your control. All reports can show daily, weekly, and monthly data -- whatever works for you and your goals.

Set custom promotion requirements and track progress towards the next rank

Set up promotion criteria for each rank and stripe that students have to complete, including:

  • Session attendance
  • Hours-in-training
  • Day-in-rank/total duration
  • Number of actual days where student checked into training
  • Minimum age requirement
  • Skills progression

You can generate reports on members' progress towards the next rank and create mass promotion events. Promotion data can be easily exported into various formats for use with external tools and for offline analysis.

Insights on instructors and training sessions

Gain insights on which training sessions and instructors are more visited than others. Sort by total and average attendance, filter data to a specific instructor or date period, and more.

Easily backdate attendance

If your tablet is out of commission or you need to track attendance for a class of small kids, you can quickly input attendance for multiple members at once for any previous session.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you keep track of attendance?

    You can track attendance using a laptop, tablet or even a smartphone, using the browser. A member checks-in using a numeric code or via name search. Gymdesk will pull up the member profile and show which classes they can check-in and how many sessions they have remaining.

  • What is an online attendance system?

    An online attendance system allows you to record attendance through a web app, remotely, without the need for downloading software on a local computer or using analog records. More than that, it keeps track of attendance data so that it can be presented in ways that help gym or school administrators understand better how members are using their services.

  • Can you track attendance using a barcode scanner?

    Gymdesk integrates with any USB barcode scanner to allow easy scanning and attendance tracking. You can generate attractive membership cards with barcodes from a member’s profile and print them to PVC or any cardstock compatible with your printer.

  • Can you track past attendance?

    Yes, Gymdesk allows for you to backdate attendance from the attendance dashboard in your manager account. Simply find the name of the member, hit the log attendance button, and then adjust the date.

  • Can you input attendance in bulk?

    Yes, one of the power features of Gymdesk allows you to check in a large number of members all at once. It can be found from the attendance section on the “Multiple Check-In” tab. If you track attendance by taking pictures or writing down names manually, you can more easily enter them into the system with this feature.

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