What our users say about us

  • Super useful to martial arts gym owners. I run a grappling gym, and the features are perfect for that.

    Customer service is very responsive and guided me through the whole set-up process. The team is always adding new features and enhancements based on user feedback, and the product gets better every month.

    I would recommend this software to anyone!
    David Gorham Colossal Fight Company
  • The beautiful UI and overall feel of the software got us hooked.

    There are a ton of great features, but the best thing is how their support team makes you feel when you sign-up. From the first day, if we have an issue or question, a developer or the founder get back to us almost instantly to get it resolved!

    Gymdesk is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made for our business. Don’t think about too hard like we did in the past - sign-up now and see for yourself how amazing this software is!
    Stephen Cruz Kioto BJJ Chattanooga
  • After three years of avoiding the bigger companies and their products, we gave Gymdesk a try.

    Any questions or issues we had were immediately addressed, and our feedback was quickly implemented to make the product an even better fit with our gym.

    We’re now using Gymdesk at both our locations and are really happy with the software and the customer service.
    Branden Guptill Honu BJJ
  • Our membership doubled within the first four months using this product - it was pretty incredible.

    Easy to sign-up new students, easy to see payment history. Overall it’s very organized and easy to navigate. I love that our members can access their profile online.

    Love this software!
    Mission Submissions Mission Submissions
  • The best software for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school!

    The developers are very helpful. If I have an issue, they answer right away! The product is simple to use to keep track of your students.

    Gymdesk are doing a great job with their software, and I would recommend them to anyone out there!
    Derrick Torres Knights BJJ
  • Love the platform, perfect for what we need and what we were looking for!

    You can really make it your own. Honestly - great job! Dashboard is great, accessibility and linking with current website is great.

    Michael Contreras 4Point Base BJJ
  • All of our feedback was considered and thought through.

    I considered 50+ other options and tried around 10 that were affordable. Gymdesk was in the top 3 - The thing that sold me was the customer service that has been incredible. They are quick to clarify, adjust, and improve if necessary.

    I can recommend this software without reservation. They are not the cheapest, yet offer great value and definitely not the most expensive. Absolutely worth the money!
    Franck Royer UTS Jitsu
  • Gymdesk made my life so much easier. With the previous software we used, I was spending hours on the phone, and honestly I hated going to the back office to work on the computer.

    I now have much more confidence in the way we’re managing our business, our programs and our members, and we are so much more organized.
    Molly Shields Kaijin MMA
  • The billing features and member lead tracking is unparalleled.

    The software is perfect for keeping a martial arts school on track. They are also constantly upgrading and adding features. We highly recommend this software.
    Earl Dunn Alpha & Omega Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • This software is very useful for martial arts gyms. I run a grappling gym, and the features for this software are fantastic.

    Further, the developer is extremely responsive, and walked me through the entire process from start to finish. He is also consistently updating his product, and incorporates feedback from users to make Gymdesk better every month.

    I would recommend this software to anyone!
    David Gorham David Gorham Colossal Fight Company
  • The beautiful UI and overall feel of the software got us hooked. Although there are a ton of amazing features, nothing comes close to how the customer service makes you feel when you join. If we have an issue, they personally emails us back almost instantly to get it resolved!

    Gymdesk has been one of the greatest decisions we have ever made for our school / business. Don't be like us and wait to get started.

    Sign-up now and see for yourself how amazing this software is!
    Stephen Cruz Stephen Cruz Kioto BJJ Chattanooga
  • After three years of avoiding the bigger companies and their products, we gave Gymdesk a try.

    Any questions or issues we had were immediately addressed, and our feedback was quickly implemented to make the product an even better fit with our gym.

    We’re now using Gymdesk at both our locations and are really happy with the software and the customer service.
    Branden Guptill Honu BJJ
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The Benefits of OurMartial Arts Management Software

Gym member management

Manage your martial arts school students with ease

Students are the backbone of every martial arts school, but onboarding and managing them can be a time consuming and error prone.

How often have you lost track of memberships or tracked attendance with pen and paper only to lose all data after the class was over? How many leads did not convert to customers because you did not follow up with them in a timely manner?

All of these issues can be easily prevented with Gymdesk’s powerful membership management tool. Your martial arts students will love it too - allowing them to manage their training and payments fully online.

Start your free trial now

Get your students excited for their next class

Inspire your students and get them excited for their next martial arts class with training history and progression tracking.

Seeing how their skills progress over time, getting promoted, or being awarded a rank can be a true motivational power for each student, and will keep them coming to your martial arts school for longer.

Set up your programs and ranks quickly with our pre-built templates for Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and more.

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Provide a complete learning experience for your students

Making progress and improving your skills is challenging, especially for beginners that are just starting out.

With Gymdesk, you can provide a full learning experience for your students - from martial arts classes to exclusive online content that will accompany them on their journey and help them acquire new skills faster.

Your students will be able to access all content through their member portals easily, and even filter it by program or level.

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Gym sales report

Supercharge your martial arts school's revenue

Are you making the most out of your revenue collection? If not, you will - with Gymdesk.

A lot of martial arts schools are losing out on revenue because of inefficiency in their revenue collection. Expired cards, lack of payment reminders, lack of online payment options and unhandled overdue payments are just some of the issues that business owners experience.

With Gymdesk, you can always be on track with your payments, all while delivering maximum convenience and comfort for your martial arts members.

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Turn any tablet into a self service kiosk

Convenience is a top priority for many people, and our self-service front-desk delivers it right to your door.

Easily turn your tablet or smartphone into a digital front-desk, and make it convenient for your students to sign up for your martial arts school or check in for an available session. We smoothed out the process for you and your customers, all while helping you collect valuable data that you can use to make better business decisions.

We removed the pen-and-paper hassle so you can spend more time on what you really love - teaching and helping your students grow as martial artists.

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Gym website template Mobile gym website

Bring your martial arts school online

Are you hesitant to bring your martial arts school online because you don’t know how or where to start?

If this is you, we've got your back. You will be surprised how fast and easy it is to get your very own website (or integrate your existing website) without spending thousands of dollars or months in lengthy development.

Membership management, payments, lead generation, Marketing communication, content and promotion requirements - you can manage it all at one place, fully online.

Most of your students are already online - it’s time for you to be there as well.

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Marketing dashboard

Grow Faster with SMS & Email Marketing

Warm up leads, invite them to convert, and keep in contact with members through our built-in SMS and email marketing features with 1-on-1 conversations with your members and prospects via email or texts.

Or, if you want to reach current members for fast engagement or an announcement, you can send mass emails and/or SMS messages.

Bring your marketing to the next level with automated SMS and email sequences that trigger when there’s a sign up on a certain form, or another sequence ends, or you place them on that sequence manually.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Martial Arts Software?

    Martial arts software is a technological solution designed to help martial arts schools and clubs automate their operations, streamline their administrative processes, accept payments online, as well as manage members and track attendance all from a single platform.

    While the range of functionality will vary between platforms, end-to-end software solutions like Gymdesk also offer skill progression tracking, promotions, and training history, among other features.

  • What is Gymdesk best for?

    Gymdesk is best for martial arts schools and other membership-based businesses, such as gyms, membership clubs and yoga studios. It allows you to grow your business by automating all of your processes from a single platform.

  • Can I migrate my data from a different software to Gymdesk?

    Yes, you can migrate your data to Gymdesk if you are using a different martial arts software provider. All your important information, such as member data, payment details, prospects, products, and more can be imported very quickly with an interactive import flow. It works with providers such as Mindbody, Zen Planner, Perfect Mind, Kicksite and others.We are also available for assistance if you need help. Check the documentation for more information.

  • What are the payment processing fees?

    All payment processing is run through our payments partners - Stripe, Square and Authorize.net, and each have their own set of fees depending on your location and payment types.

    We do not charge anything extra beyond the fees charged by your selected payment processor.

  • How much does martial arts software cost?

    The cost of martial arts software depends on the number of active members, and various add-ons such as a mobile app. Prices can vary between $30 to $795 for the base plan, then additional cost for add-ons.

    Gymdesk offers simple pricing plans with no hidden fees and all features included, ranging between $75 and $200 depending on the size of the martial arts school.

  • Which is the best CRM for martial arts?

    Gymdesk is the top software provider for martial arts schools. It combines a modern user experience with powerful functionality that helps you transform your school’s operations into a well oiled machine. We give you everything you need to reduce your admin overhead, improve your growth and retention efforts and keep your customers happy. 

    Try our free trial, with no credit-card or sales call required, to see for yourself.

  • How do I track promotions?

    You can track attendance using a tablet at the front desk, or manually at the back office.

    For each program you run in your gym, you can set up promotion criteria for each rank / belt, and then generate reporting on members' progress towards their promotion criteria. The system also generates notifications when members are ready to be tested for promotion.

  • I have an existing website, can I use it with your software?

    All of our online features can work independently from the website we provide, and integrate on your existing website.

    This includes the gym weekly schedule, lead capture forms, the member sign-up form and access to the member portal.

  • Is Gymdesk available in my country?

    Yes, Gymdesk is available across the whole world, and any martial arts school can use our software. 

    Credit-card processing might be limited to the countries supported by our payment partners (over 45 countries), but you can still run payments manually and use all of our tools and features without limitation.

  • Does Gymdesk work with WordPress?

    Gymdesk is a gym software that works with WordPress (WP). You can build your own website using Gymdesk, or integrate Gymdesk as your gym management platform with your existing website Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, or any other website builder.