Gym Heroes

Teaching fitness-based business owners how to thrive in today’s economy through conversations with real life gym heroes.

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  • Mar 15 39 Min

    Episode 09

    Grant Bogdanove is a professional MMA fighter and gym owner in Japan. Grant is half Japanese in terms of his family heritage, but he was born and raised in the United States. In this episode, we explore what it's like running a business in a different country and culture -- as well as what that looks like to balance a professional fighting career at the same time.

  • Mar 1 50 Min

    Episode 08

    Phillip Payne is owner of MAPLE Martial Arts and holder of a master's degree in sports coaching. In this episode, we talk about the pros and cons of linear, rotating, and spiraling curriculum structures as well as infusing physical literacy concepts into your programs. While Phillip works primarily with martial arts, these concepts apply across sports to gymnastics, dance, baseball, and beyond.

  • Feb 15 78 Min

    Episode 07

    Ortal Kindell is program director for women's self-defense with a nonprofit company, Guardian Self-Defense. In this episode, she explains how to keep a nonprofit with a specialized target market growing and serving its target community with excellence. And while we're talking about a self-defense nonprofit, the insights apply to virtually any business.

  • Feb 1 60 Min

    Episode 06

    Andrew Cameron runs Wing Chun International, which has dozens of affiliate clubs. We talk about how he manages all those clubs and what role he plays in the company. And we discuss how his passion for cryptocurrency investment has helped him change the financial lives of his instructors and student body.