Gym Heroes

Teaching fitness-based business owners how to thrive in today’s economy through conversations with real life gym heroes.

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  • Jun 10 58 Min

    Episode 14

    Thomas Huskey id an MBA and serial entrepreneur in the fitness space and beyond. In this episode, he reveals how you can get an online training business up and running to supplement your income. Thomas's online program is centered around martial arts, but you can apply these principles into any fitness or related business model.

  • May 18 93 Min

    Episode 13

    Shane Mount is a veteran BJJ coach in the Robson Moura association and multi-time successful gym owner. Shane is one of the earliest customers of our Gymdesk gym management software and he tells us how it has totally changed the way he does business (and made his life massively easier). We also talk about how he got into podcasting and tournament hosting as a way to give back to the martial arts.

  • Apr 28 44 Min

    Episode 12

    Jeff Sherman is a longtime entrepreneur in the marketing and fitness spaces and founder of NuMove. Spanning several important topics, we discuss info marketing, how to do excellent onboarding of new members, and how to leverage gamification to maintain motivation and improve retention. Without further ado, Jeff Sherman.

  • Apr 19 81 Min

    Episode 11

    Dartanian Bugby, one of the original "Dirty Dozen" non Brazilian black belts in Brazilian jiu jitsu. We talk about how things were for him growing up in an Irish family with a fighting spirit, the early days of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and the value of fostering a radically authentic culture at the gym.

  • Apr 1 59 Min

    Episode 10

    Nick Albin is known best as "Chewy" from the "Chewjitsu" YouTube Channel. In this episode, we discuss how he came to own an MMA gym, why he decided to expand it to have a fully equipped fitness gym, and how he used Social Media and content marketing to grow his personal brand as well as his business.