Gym Heroes

Teaching fitness business owners how to thrive in today’s economy through conversations with real life gym heroes.

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  •  SEPT 21  32 Min

    5 Marketing Channels to Build a Fitness Empire w/ Matt Kafora

    Matt unpacks the marketing systems that reliably build fitness business empires. Specifically, he breaks down how any gym of any size can leverage referrals and event marketing. Overall, Matt believes that ideally you are engaging in 5 marketing channels and explains the most important ones for growing his collection of gyms.

  •  AUG 30 93 Min

    Use Facebook Groups to Develop Leads

    Sara talks us through how she does lead generation for her fitness business, most notably how she uses her Facebook group to develop leads into new clients. She walks us through how to run an active group and how to consistently transform those members into paying customers.

  • AUG 18  31 Min

    Build a Brand that Transcends Logos & Names

    Evina walks us through her journey of creating a fantastic brand, then losing it, and having to rebuild that brand again from scratch. She unpacks the importance of the brand experience, not just the sound or look, things that transcend specific logos and color schemes. Evina also delves into the differences between marketing gyms and marketing as a personal trainer.

  •  SEP 23  33 Min

    How to Make $1,000,000 Salary as a Gym Owner

    Chris reveals 3 business models that can sustain profitable gyms. If you're a Personal Trainer, he also unpacks business models that help you work less while living the lifestyle you want. With the fundamentals of business down, Chris then show how you go from 6 figures a year to building a multi-million dollar business. In other words, a business that doesn't just bring in a million gross, but makes enough to pay its owners over a million dollars a year, too.

  •  JUL 30  28 Min

    How to Make Social Media Marketing Work for Gyms & Sports Clubs

    Tyler reveals how to conceptualize your audience on social media and how to speak to them. Then he breaks down the social network platforms that work best for certain types of audiences and formats. And finally, he unpacks the formats that work best for generating interest and forwarding your business goals.