Ludy’s Gym is a 501c3 non-profit.

We are lucky enough to have the opportunity and privilege to be a part of the south Minneapolis community. As someone who grew up within this community, I can say there has been some positive changes over the years, but the one thing that seems to remain is a need for a positive and creative outlet for the youth to focus their energy. The youth of the neighborhood and community will always need a place that provides a safe environment to promote a positive and healthy outlet with the benefits of physically and mentally getting in shape and that is exactly what we do and provide here at Ludy’s Gym, turning no child away.

We teach self-discipline, respect, promote self-esteem and how to handle aggression and emotions in a healthy way. We teach to instill and represent honesty not just to everyone else but more importantly to be honest with yourself. We teach kids to represent the community as if the community were representing them. Making them a respectable, hardworking positive member of society all while providing a welcoming, safe, and open environment.

With your help we will be able to get these young athletes to national tournaments across the nation, being able to represent Minnesota and the city of Minneapolis. It will show them that we support them, and it will show them that there is more out there and available to them than just the enclosure of the life they know.

This is all done with the help of donations from upstanding and caring members of the community such as yourself, and we cannot thank you enough.

60% of your donation will help with our helping hand program that allows us to reduce fees enabling us to turn no child away because they cannot afford it.

20% of it will go to help the kids with travel and expenses for tournaments and events.

10% of It will help provide financial means to maintain and upkeep the facility.

10% of it will go to provide equipment for underprivileged kids.

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