After a hiatus, we’re back with a detailed update of what we’ve been working. It’s been a while, but we’ve been working on some substantial improvements that took a while to finalize.

Member Rosters

Rosters is a new feature that allows grouping members that train together on a regular schedule.

Rosters can be assigned to classes on the schedule, and a member that becomes a part of a roster can access all the classes as part of that roster. Rosters can also be assigned to memberships instead of manually picking programs and classes for access, simplifying creating multiple membership options with similar access.

To learn more specifics on how to use the new Rosters feature, click here for our detailed documentation page including step-by-step screenshots and instructions.

A new payment provider integration – GoCardless

GoCardless is a unique payment provider that provides direct bank debits only (no card transfers). The upside is that it’s available in many countries that our other providers do not have bank debits yet (including Stripe). Direct bank debits have much lower fees compared to card payments and some of you have been interested in such an option.

To set up GoCardless with your Gymdesk account, pick it as the payment processor in your billing settings screen. Once you approve the connection on the GoCardless website, you’ll be able to create payment mandates for direct bank debits for your customers. Note that unlike card payments, direct bank debits take multiple days to confirm and withdraw.

Access Control Integration – Kisi

Access control system allow for remote management of doors and security cameras. This is an option we’ve been looking to add to our software for a while, and we picked Kisi as our integration partner as they’re the only ones who provide both the hardware and the software to control doors and cameras remotely.

Our Kisi integration allows you to connect a Kisi account to your Gymdesk account, and automatically provision door access via memberships. Kisi allows members to unlock doors using their app for both iPhone and Android, and with the Gymdesk integration they would automatically be sent access once they sign-up, or add add a new membership. Door access is revoked when a membership is canceled or expired – allowing you to streamline access to your gym. This is especially useful for facilities that are open 24/7 or have staffless sessions.

A few of you have already started using our Kisi integration – but we have a bonus for you as well – we just added automatic attendance tracking via door unlocks. You can optionally make it so that whenever a member opens the door to your gym, their attendance is recorded with the nearest sessions on the schedule their membership allows them to attend.

To learn more about how to set up the Kisi integration, click here. If you do not have a Kisi account yet, and want to receive a quote, please use our Gymdesk + Kisi page here to get started.

Improvements & Enhancements:

  • Membership Cancelation Fee – You can now set a fee that would be charged automatically if a membership is canceled before it’s expiration date.
  • Membership payment late fees – You can set a fee to be added automatically when a membership payment is overdue by a specific number of days. Both those fees can be set on a per membership basis.
  • Payment processing fees – In case you prefer to pass on payment processing fees on to your members, you are now able to set a fee that would be added for card payments and bank debits. While we don’t have the option yet to charge the exact fee, you can approximate it very closely using those options. You can set those fees in the billing settings.
  • New document placeholders – You can now use two new document placeholders – {file} for file upload (such as ID or certificate upload), and {input} for adding a regular text input into your document.
  • Upcoming birthdays on the dashboard – You can enable a dedicated section highlighting upcoming birthdays on the dashboard. You can enable this option in the members settings, under “Member Notifications”.
  • Direct booking links – You can now create a direct link to book a specific session at a specific date and time (for example, for an upcoming event or seminar). To do so, go to your booking screen in your manager account (“Gym” -> “Bookings” -> “Book Session”), pick a session, date and time – and you’ll then see a link under the form button that says “Direct link”. This opens up this selection in your website’s booking screen, which you can then share elsewhere.
  • Mark as unread toggle – You can now mark messages from members or leads as “unread” so the notification icon will be shown on the main menu. To do so, move your mouse over the message icon on the left and click on it –

Update on our native mobile app

As some of you already know – we are working on a native mobile member app. While we are quite happy with our offering via mobile browsers, we do understand that many expect a native app nowadays. We’ve taken this opportunity to improve and refine the mobile experience of the member portal while building it as a native app for both iPhone and Android that members can install on their devices. We’ve been working on it for 3 months now, and there’s still lots to be done – but it’s looking very good already. Expect a release date update in the next few months.


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