Yesterday we released a quick feature update we’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks – monthly breakdown reports and automations enhancements.

We added 2 reports –

  • Member Monthly Summary report (under “Members” -> “Summary”)
  • Monthly Revenue Summary report (under “Billing” -> “Summary”)

Those reports show month-by-month aggregated data to give you a quick way to analyze how your gym or martial arts school is performing on a monthly basis. Let’s dive in and take a look:

Monthly Revenue Summary Report

The monthly revenue summary report shows you aggregated monthly revenue numbers for membership payments and point-of-sale transactions. It also includes the month-to-month change in revenue amounts for each revenue source. This gives you the ability to easily see if you’re trending in the right direction with regards to revenue and business growth.

Let’s quickly go over the columns in the report:

  • Month – the month and year the line is reporting and on.
  • Paying members – The total number of paying members for that month. Note that for family shared memberships that have one member paying once for the entire family, it would count as 1 paying member for the entire family.
  • Memberships – The sum of membership payments, minus refunds. This includes recurring payments, one-time payments, trial payments, sign-up fees and booking fees. If it shows up in the “Billing” -> “Payments” list, it’s counted in this column.
  • Sales – The sum of point-of-sale transactions for the month, minus any refunds / cancellations.
  • Pending – Future scheduled payments, overdue payments and open invoices. The sum total of payments for the month that hasn’t been paid yet.
  • Total – The sum of the previous 3 columns – Memberships, Sales and Pending.
  • Per Member – The average amount of revenue per paying member.

If you’ve been using our product since before 2021, you’ll also be able to go back and look at previous years using the year navigation in the top-right corner.

Revenue Projections: Take the Legwork (& Guesswork) Out of Calculating Future Income

At the top of the report, we show projected revenue numbers for the rest of the year. Projected membership revenue is based on active recurring payments and future scheduled payments. Projected point-of-sale revenue is based on the average monthly sales revenue calculated for the year to date.

You can expand the projections to see month-by-month projections by clicking on the “+” icon in the projections summary row.

The projections do not try to estimate one-time payments that have not been scheduled yet, so would be less accurate for gyms that sell mostly memberships with a one-time purchase (such as session packs and punch cards). Regardless, they should give a good indication of what you can expect as a baseline for the year, assuming the current trends continue.

Monthly Member Summary: Growth & Retention at a Glance

The monthly member summary shows you the performance of your member acquisition and retention efforts. This report allows you to see if your member base is growing or not overall, and why. You might be signing up a lot of new members, but if a larger amount of members cancel, you would still be in the red with regards to growth.

Let’s go over the columns in the report:

  • Month – the month and year the line is reporting and on.
  • Active members – The total number of active members. It does not necessarily mean they have a membership assigned currently – an active member is a member that has their status as active (as opposed to frozen or cancelled).
  • Visitors – The total number of active visitors. Similar to members above, it excludes frozen / cancelled visitors.
  • Frozen – The total number of frozen members.
  • Cancelled – The total number of cancelled members.
  • Growth – The ratio of new members this month to the total number of members at the end of last month.
  • Churn – The ratio of cancelled members this month to the total number of members at the end of last month. Frozen members are not considered lost, so they are not counted for calculating churn.
  • Net (Growth) – The net rate of member acquisition. The net change in the number of active members compared to the number of active members at the end of last month.

At the top of the report there’s a row showing the total change in membership for the entire year to date. The growth and churn numbers are calculated compared to the numbers at the end of last year.

At the top-left corner of the report, you can pick an acquisition channel to focus on. This allows you to see how different acquisition channels contribute to your month-to-month growth, and what are the retention numbers for those channels.

* Important note regarding frozen and cancelled members numbers: Until this month, we did not previously track the history of changes to member status. That means that if a member was frozen or cancelled and later reactivated, we did a record of the dates during which they were previously frozen or cancelled.

For the purpose of this report, we added such tracking earlier this month, however for past data we had to fill in the gaps based on other data in the system, such as members’ last check-in or payment before being frozen. Due to that, there might be small inaccuracies in the numbers of cancelled / frozen members for a given month, though it should be very close overall. Going forward, those numbers should be completely accurate.

Automations Enhancements

We’ve made a few enhancements to the automations feature to include more use-cases and make it easier to manage –

  • You can now target specific lead capture forms with the “New Lead” automation. This allows you to have different automations for the different forms you create, such as “14 day free trial” automation, and a “Kids program” automation.
  • We’ve added a new automation type for automatically messaging members who have not been showing up to train. The “Absence” automation type allows you to send a sequence of messages a specific number of days after the member last checked-in.
    Using this, you can automate some of your retention efforts and try to re-engage members who are trailing off.
  • We now show both active and paused subscribers in the automations list, and each links to the list of members / leads that are subscribed to that automation. This should make it easier to keep track of who is subscribed to which automation.

May the data be with you

We hope you’ll find the reports and automations features we’ve added helpful. We use similar reporting for running our company, and figured you would find it useful as well. Let us know if you have any comments or feedback, and we look forward to our next batch of updates soon!

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