For the last few weeks we’ve been working on a refresh of the gym website template we’ve been offering, a feature that has barely been touched since we launched more than 4 years ago. Let’s go over what’s new:

The refreshed design keeps all the elements of the old design, so it’s not a huge change on the surface.

We modernized the elements on the page, such as the header, footer and the schedule styling. We added optional ranks to the instructors area, and changed the instructor photo dimensions to be more vertical (as most people’s photos are). We highlighted the sign-up link in the header so it’s easy to find.

The schedule now showcases the color tagging of sessions in the titles instead of the background color, which makes the design less busy and easier to pick out similar sessions.

New Layout Options For The Homepage

The homepage intro area now has 3 different layouts that can be used. Not everyone has a high quality photo of with the right dimensions or contrast to use for our original layout. Our new layout options provide alternative ways to showcase your gym on top of the homepage:

You can now showcase a smaller photo above or to the side of the introduction at the top of the homepage, in addition to the original full-width layout.

Custom colors and dark mode

We’ve added the ability to adjust the colors for interface elements on the website. Use a color a picker to match it to your brand. We’ve also added a “dark” color scheme, for those who prefer that look for their website.

New page: Pricing

If you would like to advertise your prices on the gym website, you can now add a dedicated page, pick the membership options you’d like to showcase, and add additional information below. Pricing options link to the sign-up form with those memberships pre-selected.

Pricing page – dark theme, custom button colors

Revamped Booking Widget

We’ve redesigned the booking widget for more consistency with the new look of the website, while keeping the same functionality. The booking widget inherits the color choices you make for the website, so you can customize it even if you use it as an external widget on your existing website.

Booking widget

Instructor ranks and merging with staff members

To make things simpler, we’ve merged the instructors section with the staff section. If there was overlap, the instructor bio and photo was added to an existing staff member, otherwise it was added as a new entry.

You can now assign ranks to instructors through their staff member profile, to showcase those on the website. You can show either the title, the belt graphic or both.

Streamlined sign-up

Last week we made a small addition to the sign-up form – when a member picks a membership in the sign-up form, we load up the membership contract for signature as well, in addition to the waiver. Previously, a member would need to log-in to the member portal to sign their membership contract, which increased the chance it would be not be immediately signed.

We’ve now added the ability to take payments directly in the sign-up flow. Similar to the membership contract, previously members had to log-in to their online account to complete adding payment information to their profile. Now you can request payment directly after they submit their sign-up details, before they get to the “Thank you” message.

This should reduce friction and make it easier to collect payment information from new members signing-up online. This option is now active by default – you can control it from the members settings, under the “Sign-up form” section.

After submitting the sign-up form, members are requested to enter their payment information

Auto trial / membership upgrades

You can now set trials / memberships to automatically start a different membership when the original expires. This allows you to provide discount pricing for a limited time, and then have it upgrade to a regular membership when the membership ends.

Similarly, you can create free trials that automatically upgrade to a paid membership at the end of the trial if the member does not cancel. To accommodate this, you can also collect payment information for trial memberships during sign-up.

To use this feature, when adding or editing a membership option, change the “membership end” option to “Change membership option”. You will then be able to pick the membership it would upgrade to.

Multiple payment methods

Our last but not least feature enhancement for this release, is the option to manage multiple payment options for each member. Existing payment methods will remain as the default, but you (and the members) can now add additional payment methods and assign it to different payments / memberships.

Invoices and individual transactions will now show the payment method used for each. You can even switch payment methods while making partial payments on an invoice – all the different methods used are clearly shown on the final receipt.

Dedicated Front Desk Users

We’ve added a new staff member type called “Front Desk”. A user created with this type only has access to the front desk mode. You can use this to create a common log-in for all staff members who run the front-desk, without sharing account access.

Not sure how to use any of this? let us know!

As always, we appreciate and welcome your feedback and questions. If you are not sure about how to use a specific feature, or have suggestions for improvements, please get in touch with us and let us know!



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Published by Eran Galperin

Eran has been building software and companies for over 15 years, and is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In 2016 he founded Martial Arts on Rails, online software for managing gyms and martial arts schools.

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