Since our latest feature release at the beginning of the year which introduced the online shop feature, we’ve been working on implementing a skills library feature, and overhauling the attendance tracking reporting.

Let’s go over what has been added and what has changed with the recent update:

Skills Library

You can now create a library of skills / workouts that are practiced at your gym or martial arts school. Skills can be assigned to sessions in the schedule and used for several purposes:

  • Allowing members to see what techniques / workouts will be worked on in upcoming training sessions by looking at the schedule.
  • You can set up skills requirements as part of the promotion requirements for different ranks.
  • Tracking skills progression by assigning it to sessions in the schedule. Skills will be tracked as part of the attendance tracking, and will show up in the member profile attendance section.
  • You can optionally add a description or video to each skill, allowing members to review techniques and workouts through their attendance history in their online account.

You can manage your skills library by going to “Gym” -> “Programs” from your main account menu, then clicking on the “Skills” tab. For more information about how to set up your skills library, please refer to our documentation.

Enhanced Progress Tracking and Promotion Requirements

As mentioned above, skills can now be used as part of the requirements for ranking. In addition, you can now choose any combination of the other available promotion requirements – hours and sessions trained, days in rank, and individual days attended.

Any changes you make to your ranks’ promotion requirements is backwards compatible – it will use existing to check members’ progress towards the next rank.

To accommodate the various options that can now be set up as promotion requirements, the promotion report now shows a progress bar with percent completion of the total requirements for the next rank.

The promotion report export feature also has full breakdown of each requirement, including individual skills.

Revamped Member Attendance And Progress Reporting

To accommodate all the options now available for tracking progress towards promotion, we revamped the “Attendance” tab on the member profile.

The first major change is that you can see attendance for a specific rank, with the default being the current rank. You can switch between ranks using the dropdown on the right, or see all historical attendance for the member.

The top view shows totals for the selected rank, and there is now an additional tab to show skill progression in the selected rank as well:

The attendance tracking popup has also been streamlined – you now pick the date first (with today’s date preselected), and then it shows you only the sessions available on that date. You can also adjust the skills tracking for a specific session (such as changing the number of reps the member did):

Technique / workout review through the attendance history

As mentioned earlier, you can optionally add a description or a video to skills. Members are then able to review the skill by clicking on it in their attendance history through their online account:

New Feature: Member Balance

A small feature we added last week is the ability to manually adjust members’ credit balance. If for whatever reason you would like to credit a member towards future payments or purchases, you can use this feature to apply it on their account.

You’ll find the balance just below the payment methods on the member profile. Click on the edit icon to change the balance.

A member’s balance is automatically used for auto-pay, if available. It can also be used manually for one-time payments or through the point-of-sale feature – the option to use existing will be shown when balance is available.

Product Revenue Reporting

We’ve added another accounting report, showing revenue breakdown per breakdown for a given date range. This should help you settle your books and your accountant will appreciate it!

You can reach the product revenue report by going to “Billing” -> “Accounting”, and then clicking on the “Product Revenue” tab.

Canceling Entire Booked Sessions

We’ve added a small quality-of-life improvement – the ability to cancel entire booked sessions, instead of canceling each member’s booking individually. As many sessions now have 10-15 booked members, this should make it easier to make changes in case an instructor can’t make it or the session is otherwise completely canceled. All booked members will receive a cancelation notification.

Pre-Authorized Debits for Canadian merchants

Good news for our Canadian merchants using Stripe – you can now charge your members’ bank accounts using pre-authorized debits (PAD). If you are a Canadian gym using Stripe, you can activate this option in your billing settings.

Next Up: Grading events and mass promotions

Next, we would be tackling managing grading events and mass promotions. You will be able to invite members to test for their next rank, and then mark their results, or simply promote members in bulk to their next rank. Look forward to it around early February.

Also, check out a recent review of us over at BJJ Tribes. We appreciate the support!



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Published by Eran Galperin

Eran has been building software and companies for over 15 years, and is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In 2016 he founded Martial Arts on Rails, online software for managing gyms and martial arts schools.

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