How do you snatch a slice of the growing “corporate fitness” market?

As a gym owner, you’ve got a natural advantage when it comes to setting up a workplace fitness challenge. Finding and selling offices on fitness is not your biggest hurdle: designing an effective program that delivers (and proves) results to your outside clients is.

This article provides you with a workplace fitness challenge template to help you create a successful, engaging fitness program for clients outside your gym. And more importantly: keep those clients.

5-Step Workplace Fitness Challenge Template

Unlock the potential of your gym facilities and enhance employee well-being with these strategic steps.

Step #1: Personalization for Diverse Participants

Address the unique needs of the workforce by creating a fitness challenge that recognizes diversity. Tailor challenge options so that everyone can actively participate and find personal success. Whether cardio-focused challenges, strength training milestones, or flexibility goals, offering a range of options fosters a sense of belonging and encourages participation.

For example, you could organize cardio-focused challenges, such as step competitions or group runs, for those who enjoy dynamic, high-energy activities.

At the same time, implement strength training milestones like weightlifting challenges or bodyweight workouts for people looking to enhance their muscular endurance. Incorporate yoga or stretching routines into the challenge framework for those seeking flexibility and mindfulness.

This multifaceted approach makes the fitness challenge inclusive and motivating for every team member.

Best practice: if possible, get input from participants on what their goals are. Some will just want to feel better, others just want to be more mobile, and some will want to enhance performance in an athletic activity. You can use this feedback to craft different programs and keep things individualized.

Sometimes, the old “steps” challenge is the best way to start.

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Step #2: Gamification for Increased Participation

Integrating game elements transforms your fitness program into an engaging and motivating experience for all participants.

Some examples of how you can add gamification elements in your setting are implementing a point-based system where participants earn points for completing specific workouts or achieving fitness milestones. These points can then be redeemed for rewards such as free gym sessions, personalized training sessions, or fitness merchandise.

Incorporating technology is another way to gamify the fitness experience. Make use of fitness apps or devices that allow participants to track their progress, compete with each other, and earn virtual rewards.

Step #3: BHAG Setting for Stretch Goals

Elevate your workplace fitness challenge by incorporating the concept of a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). Tailor the goal to go beyond current capabilities, encouraging your team to reach new heights in their fitness journey. A BHAG challenge sparks motivation and fosters personal growth and resilience.

An example of a BHAG is running or cycling the equivalent distance from one iconic city to another within a specified timeframe. You could also set a goal for your team to collectively climb the equivalent elevation of a famous mountain or mountain range. This could involve tracking stairs climbed, incline treadmill sessions, or elevation gain during outdoor activities.

Step #4: Incentivizing Participation for Improved Engagement

Recent research shows that employees are 33 times more likely to engage in wellness initiatives when financial incentives are in place. Here are some examples of how you can add a financial incentive to drive participation:

Gift Card Bonanza: Offer gift cards as rewards for achieving specific fitness milestones. Employees hitting a predetermined number of workout sessions, completing a challenging fitness task, or achieving personal bests could earn a gift card to a popular retail store or restaurant.

Cash Prize Challenges: Individuals or teams that surpass certain performance benchmarks, whether in terms of distance covered, calories burned, or overall improvement, could qualify for cash incentives.

Premium Membership Subsidies: Offer subsidies or fully cover premium gym memberships or fitness class subscriptions as incentives for consistent participation. 

Step #5: Progress Tracking for Goal Achievement

Measuring progress adds accountability and empowers participants by providing clear insights into their journey. Emphasize that progress tracking is the compass guiding individuals and the team toward attaining fitness goals.

Use fitness trackers or shared documents that allow participants to log and visualize their progress. Making progress visible creates a motivational feedback loop that propels individuals forward in their fitness efforts.

You can streamline the process of creating, promoting, and incentivizing your workplace fitness challenge with tools like Nectar. This automated platform simplifies the implementation of your fitness program, making it easier to manage rewards, track progress, and motivate your team members. 

This step is critical for proving the utility and value of your program not just to participants, but to your client: the business.

Wrap Up

This Workplace Fitness Challenge Template empowers gym owners like you to create a workplace fitness challenge that transforms your team’s well-being while optimizing the advantages of the gym setting.

It will take effort and commitment to make your challenge a success. Still, the rewards, in terms of improved employee health, strengthened team camaraderie, and enhanced productivity, will be well worth it.

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