Our hero today is Sara Frenza, an online fitness coach and owner of Sara Frenza Fitness and Nutrition.

In this episode, Sara talks us through how she does lead generation for her fitness business, most notably how she uses her Facebook group to develop leads into new clients. She walks us through how to run an active group and how to consistently transform those members into paying customers.

Lead Generation Strategies

Sara Frenza emphasizes the importance of lead generation through lead magnets and free challenges. Lead magnets, such as guides and free gifts, serve as valuable incentives to attract potential clients and capture their email addresses. Frenza advises personal trainers to tailor their lead magnets with keywords that resonate with their target audience, such as “fat loss,” “toned and defined,” and “metabolism.” By utilizing these keywords, trainers can create lead magnets that effectively resonate with potential clients, thereby increasing the chances of lead conversion.

In addition to lead magnets, Frenza stresses the significance of running free challenges within Facebook communities. These challenges serve as a powerful tool for engaging potential clients and encouraging them to join the community. Frenza also conducts live free trainings and promotes them through social media platforms, aiming to invite individuals into the Facebook community or capture their email addresses for further nurturing.

Lead Nurturing Strategies

Effective lead nurturing is a crucial component of the client acquisition process. Frenza highlights the need to address the struggles and pain points of potential clients through personalized interactions. She emphasizes the trial-and-error process in developing impactful lead magnets, ensuring that the content resonates with the target audience and addresses their specific needs. By using language and content that align with the goals and experiences of potential clients, trainers can greatly enhance lead nurturing engagements.

Moreover, Frenza incorporates live trainings as a lead nurturing strategy, utilizing them to provide valuable insights and address the challenges faced by potential clients. She advises personal trainers to leverage live trainings as a means of capturing the attention and interest of potential clients while demonstrating expertise and building trust. This approach fosters meaningful connections with potential clients and serves as a catalyst for lead conversion. Community Building and Client

Retention Strategies

Frenza’s community-centric approach extends to client retention strategies. By creating a vibrant and supportive Facebook community, Frenza fosters an environment where clients feel a sense of belonging and are encouraged to engage with one another. She emphasizes the importance of showcasing client success stories and promoting client engagement within the community. Through client interviews, flex Fridays, and empowering clients to share their personal stories, Frenza creates a platform for clients to inspire and support each other.

Furthermore, Frenza incorporates community involvement as an essential component of her client success path. By encouraging clients to engage within the community, she instills a sense of responsibility and commitment, fostering a mutually beneficial dynamic where clients actively contribute to the growth and support of the community. This approach not only enhances client retention but also strengthens the overall community, creating a powerful platform for long-term success.


Sara Frenza’s approach to lead generation, nurturing, and client retention through community building offers valuable insights for personal trainers and fitness coaches. In utilizing lead magnets, live trainings, and community engagement, trainers can effectively develop leads into paying clients while fostering a supportive and empowering environment for long-term success.

By understanding the importance of community involvement and client engagement, trainers can cultivate thriving communities that drive client success and retention in the competitive landscape of personal training.

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