Our hero today is Donna McGeorge, world-renowned productivity expert and proponent of ChatGPT as a productivity tool for fitness professionals.

In this episode, Donna dives into the best ways to get the most out of ChatGPT to make your life as a gym operator way, way easier. She also delves into the possible downsides and what ChatGPT is NOT good for.

Save Time with ChatGPT

Donna discovered the versatility of ChatGPT over 12 months ago, using it for various written tasks like emails, articles, and even speeches.

The power of ChatGPT to save time is undeniable — approximately 30% in Donna’s experience, which could equate to a full day’s work saved each week for gym operators bogged down with admin tasks.

Apply ChatGPT to the Fitness Business

ChatGPT can be a game-changer for gym owners by handling tasks like crafting social media posts and problematic customer communications. It can even assist with the sporadic but critical chore of recruitment, from penning job ads to drafting standard operating procedures.

Accuracy and Human Touch

Despite these benefits, ChatGPT isn’t perfect. Donna emphasizes that it’s around 80% accurate, often requiring human intervention and personalization. It’s crucial to provide detailed prompts to get the best output from ChatGPT.

Adding to that, Josh Peacock, the host, touched upon the importance of knowing your market to assess the accuracy of ChatGPT’s content.

ChatGPT Shortcomings

ChatGPT isn’t without its limitations. Donna points out issues with accuracy, the potential to get stuck in loops, and the overreliance on prompt quality. Users need to know when to restart a conversation with ChatGPT to obtain the desired outcome.

Useful Plug-Ins (and Future of AI in Fitness)

Donna also introduced useful plug-ins for ChatGPT like Spotify for playlist creation, OpenTable for restaurant bookings, and Ask Your PDF for content generation based on existing documents.

Discussing the future role of AI in gyms, she believes AI won’t replace human trainers but rather augment their roles by offering preliminary diagnoses or administrative assistance.


Josh and Donna concluded their talk on a philosophical note pondering the idea of an AI simulation life, leaving us to think about the power we have in shaping our reality.

For more on productivity and embracing technology in the gym industry, Donna McGeorge can be found sharing her expertise through her website and social media platforms.

Donna McGeorge can be reached through her website at donnageorge.com. Additionally, she is active on various social media platforms, including Instagram where her handle is @dmcgeorge, as well as on LinkedIn under the name Donna McGeorge.

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