Our hero today is Adam Lodhi, founder of Dojo Launch and a lifelong martial artist himself. Dojo Launch has really strong case studies.

In this episode, Adam Lodhi unpacks his methodology for consistently and reliably growing your martial arts programs through Facebook ads, simple offers, quick inquiry responses, and high quality content. Secondly, he drives home why you should spend money to make money and grow using tools and scalable marketing channels like social ads.

Finally, Adam reveals some interesting secrets behind his effective cold emailing campaign techniques.

Background and Marketing Expertise of Aadam Lodhi

Aadam Lodhi is a 23-year-old marketing expert and lifelong martial artist. Coming from a family-owned martial arts school, he gained hands-on experience in sales and marketing from a young age.

Inspired by the success of his family’s school and eager to scale his impact, he founded Dojo Launch during the pandemic to help martial arts gyms thrive in the challenging landscape.

Leverage Facebook Ads for Rapid Growth

Lodhi emphasizes the power of targeted Facebook ads as the fastest way to grow martial arts and fitness programs. His approach involves using high-quality organic content to attract the right audience rather than generic graphics. By leveraging Facebook’s ad platform, Dojo Launch helps clients target specific programs and build messaging that resonates with their target audience.

For instance, in the case of a kids’ martial arts program, the focus is on engaging parents with messaging about the benefits of martial arts for their children, coupled with a simple and compelling offer for a free class.

Build Consistency and Avoid Marketing Lulls

One standout aspect of Dojo Launch’s approach is the emphasis on consistency. Lodhi stresses the importance of maintaining marketing efforts even during slower periods, such as the holiday season.

Rather than pausing marketing during these times, he advises staying consistent and keeping the gym top of mind for potential members. By nurturing the leads generated through marketing campaigns, gym owners can ensure they are well-positioned to capitalize on the surge of interest during busier seasons.

Key Strategies for Realistic and Reliable Growth

Aadam Lodhi underlines the importance of understanding key statistics and data in driving business decisions. He advocates for tracking and analyzing metrics such as leads, cost per lead, booked appointments, show percentages, and new enrollments to identify areas for improvement and maximize return on investment.

Additionally, he emphasizes the invaluable role of gym management software, highlighting the reporting function and dashboard features in gym management software like Gymdesk.

Email Marketing and Customer Nurturing

Lodhi shares valuable insights into leveraging email marketing for nurturing leads. He recommends harnessing email marketing to follow up with leads who have gone cold, offering free value and educational content to keep the gym top of mind. Craft compelling email headlines that address target audience pain points and highlight the benefits of the services offered, encouraging potential members to take the next step.

Craft Compelling Headlines and Copy

In crafting headlines and copy, Lodhi advises keeping it short and simple, directly addressing the target audience and emphasizing how the service can address their pain points and improve their lives.

By focusing on the value the gym or martial arts school offers, rather than self-congratulatory messages, operators can effectively connect with their audience and build trust.

Access Dojo Launch’s Resources

For those interested in exploring Dojo Launch’s resources, the company offers a wealth of free content accessible through their website, YouTube channel, and Instagram.

From tutorials on creating effective Facebook ad campaigns to optimizing social media posts and nurturing leads, their content provides valuable guidance for martial arts school owners and gym operators.


Aadam Lodhi’s insights provide invaluable guidance for martial arts school owners and gym operators seeking to grow their programs and enhance their marketing efforts. By leveraging targeted Facebook ads, maintaining consistent marketing efforts, understanding key statistics, nurturing leads through email marketing, and crafting compelling headlines and copy, gym operators can pave the way for sustained and reliable growth.

With Dojo Launch’s wealth of resources, including tutorials and coaching calls, operators have access to a wealth of knowledge to propel their businesses forward in the competitive fitness industry.

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