The interior design of your gym is vital to attracting and retaining members. The overall layout is important because it dictates how people move and interact with each other. A gym whose members feel cramped and confined experiences a much higher turnover margin than one with plenty of space, even if there are fewer machines and workout stations. 

Wall and art decor is an often overlooked aspect of attracting members and maintaining the general ethos of the gym. A positive setting creates a positive environment.

Listed below are a few recommendations and things to consider when deciding to open your own commercial gym. 

  1. Put up Larger Pictures
  2. Create Depths and Layers
  3. Use Art to Freshen Dull Areas
  4. Motivational and Inspirational Quotes
  5. Include Lighting in Design
  6. Use School Gym Inspired Design
  7. Gym Locker Room Layout
  8. Include Necessary Signage
  9. Add Lighted Ornaments
  10. Use Boutique Gym Inspired Design
  11. Utilize Any Vacant Window Surfaces Outside
  12. Draw Clients from a Distance
  13. Decorate the Structure
  14. Utilize Lighting for Outside Design to Increase Visibility During Nighttime
  15. Brand Your Building’s Exterior
  16. Use Team Sports Performance Inspired Design
  17. Utilize Your Logo Whenever Possible
  18. Create a Presence Away from The Actual Location
  19. Use Small Box Gym and Personal Training Studio Inspired Design

Put up Larger Pictures

Modern gym designs display large pictures of fitness models engaged in exercises. This helps members of the gym stay motivated to keep coming back. Display athletes participating in their sport. Put pictures on the counter of any staff who are active in sports. 

Create Depths and Layers

The interior design of your gym needs to be aesthetically pleasing to your members. Hang tapestries on the walls next to the large pictures. Place Gym equipment where it creates a safe flow of foot traffic. Have a pleasing color scheme. Geometric designs are increasingly popular. 

Use Art to Freshen up Dull Areas

Placing sculptures in the lobby and around the reception desk can add an extra layer to the gym layout. It tells members that the owner and staff care about the gym’s appearance and want to make it as lively as possible.

Motivational and Inspirational Messages for the Gym

Everybody loves motivational quotes. Motivation quotes are found in every modern gym. Hang up some quotes to get people through those days when they do not feel like being there. Displaying quotes attributed to classic bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, and Dorian Yates would go well with the layout of the gym. 

Include Lighting in the Design

Lighting is a vitally important gym design idea. Not only do people need to see where they are going, but lighting affects the entire mood and energy of a gym. Good lighting can emit positive energy and dull lighting can make a fun class feel boring. Blue lights tend to be more energizing. 

Red lights tend to be more relaxing, although it would be a good idea to have them in separate workout rooms because they have been shown to cause shorter-term energy bursts. 

Multi-colored lights are a current trend. Try mixing up colored lights during group classes that are synchronized with the music. 

Separate different stations by strategically placing lights to highlight them if you have an open gym with very few walls. Nothing puts people in a better mood than good old-fashioned natural sunlight. The more windows you have, the better. The same goes for skylights. Doing so reduces your electricity bill.

Use School Gym Inspired Design

Another creative gym interior design idea is to take inspiration from the modern school gym. Add a short sprinting track if there is enough room on one side or a small track around the perimeter. Place several squat racks around and designate deadlift stations. Implement wall-mounted suspension exercise equipment. 

Gym Locker Room Layout

A couple of often overlooked interior gym designs are the locker rooms and storage capacity. One of the biggest mistakes a gym owner makes is not accounting for enough storage for mats, sports equipment, and extra weights. There needs to be plenty of space for people to relax for a few minutes and be able to tie their shoes without being too cramped. The size, shape, and material of the lockers dictate the design and flow of the locker rooms.

Wooden lockers are an aesthetically pleasing option, but they begin to fall apart after too much exposure to moisture from a shower. That also creates conditions for bacteria and mold to grow.

Metal lockers are a standard choice because they are durable, affordable, and secure, but there are a few things to be aware of. First, they eventually begin to rust and corrode. Second, they need to be repainted every now and then, which inhibits rust and corrosion. Third, assembly is time consuming. 

After you have chosen your locker design, you need to decide if you want keyless locks, padlocks, or having members bring their own locks. 

Design your shower and bathrooms in ways that are both safe and optimal. Install clothing hooks that every person can reach. Remember that everything must be in compliance with the American Disability Act (ADA). 

Include Necessary Signage in Your Design

Your gym design logo plays an integral role in your gym’s success if utilized properly. Having a modern logo resonates with those who come across it. Placing it in conspicuous places on both the exterior and interior of your building creates the belief that your brand is synonymous with a fun environment, where people can go to get in shape and improve their lives.  

Add Lighted Ornaments

A gym interior design idea that shows you went an extra step is adding lighted ornaments. Placing lighted ornaments around the lobby outside of the holiday season lets customers know that your gym is always promoting a fun and festive atmosphere. 

Use Boutique Gym Inspired Design

Getting gym ideas from boutique gym layouts is a good way to attract a broader audience. Despite the fancy-sounding name, boutique gyms are generally smaller and simply offer select group activities like spin classes or pilates that have become popular in the fitness world. Providing designated rooms for popular exercise trends appeals to many who want to be around more like-minded individuals while still being able to do their own workout routine.  

Utilize Any Vacant Window Surfaces Outside

Adding to the list of great commercial gym ideas is the concept of utilizing as much window space as possible to advertise your brand and any current or upcoming specials. Display flyers and paint the windows with shoe polish showing the specials. Another option would be to use large, specially made adhesive advertisements that can easily be removed once the special is over.

Draw Clients from a Distance

Your modern gym color schemes play an important role in attracting the attention of potential members who are not within eye range. You want to use warm and captivating colors that make a great first impression. Disseminating flyers and renting billboard space informs people what your gym is about and why they should consider joining.

Decorate the Structure

Use friendly color schemes and incorporate your brand’s logo for your gym’s wall design. Make the atmosphere unique with your personal style of motivational quotes, posters, and artwork that are consistent with the overall theme of your gym. 

Utilize Lighting for Outside Design to Improve Nighttime Visibility

One of the best gym designs you can make is having a stellar outside lighting system for improved visibility. Your members feeling safe and comfortable is a major component in retaining their business. 

Brand Your Building’s Exterior

After choosing your gym’s colors and layouts, conspicuously displaying your logo is key to attracting attention for passersby. Find a pleasant marketing balance with how often your logo is plastered along the outside walls of your gym. Displaying it too much looks annoying, but only displaying it one or two times likely goes unnoticed. 

Use Team Sports Performance Inspired Design

Find inspiration for your gym interior design concept by learning about sports performance facilities and incorporating those ideas into your own. Installing a large sauna assists with muscle growth and recovery by activating heat-shock proteins. Dedicate certain rooms or areas for proper stretching and warm-up routines. Offer to sell protein drinks in the front lobby. Disseminate free nutritional pamphlets and flyers. Provide circuit training equipment. 

Utilize Your Logo Whenever Possible

A good gym design has your logo in as many places as rationally possible so your brand becomes synonymous with a great place people can go to relax, grow, and improve their lives. Put your logo on the bottom corner of your signs, pictures, and other decorations around the building. Stick it on every door and locker. Show it off on the front of the desk in the lobby. They remember it because the logos are displayed in so many places.

Create a Presence Away from The Actual Location

Include a plan for your gym design to create a presence away from the location so it is always on people’s minds. Initiate aggressive marketing campaigns so your gym brand becomes associated with a positive and productive environment. The best advertisement is from satisfied customers. Ensure that your gym atmosphere maintains that which is displayed in your advertisements to get people coming back.  

Use Small Box Gym and Personal Training Studio Inspired Design

Gyms come in any and all forms. Consider incorporating the idea of a small box gym or personal training studio into your fitness center design. Designate areas for certain circuit training. Hire accredited, friendly, and experienced personal trainers.

What are the Things to Consider in Designing a Gym?

There are many things to consider when it comes to your gym building design. A few of the most important are listed below.

  • Location
  • Ceiling height
  • Membership prices
  • Business hours
  • Classes
  • Type of equipment 

Security is a major issue, along with a simple check-in process, adequate amount of space, clean facilities, and clean equipment.

Taking all of these and more into consideration, you still need to make sure that your chosen business model is going to be cost effective and able to retain customers.

Things to Consider in Designing a Gym

You want to utilize as much space as possible when designing your commercial gym. Every gym at a minimum needs enough free space for floor exercises, cardio stations, and space to properly rack the weights. The exercise equipment should be placed in a logical way that decreases the risk of accidents and includes easy access to all emergency exits. The lighting inside should be at a comfortable level and outside it bright enough that members feel safe after dark. The interior and exterior must be visually appealing and your logo conspicuously placed. There needs to be an adequate number of showers and bathrooms and an easy check-in process. 

Place mirrors around the walls along the perimeter, particularly in areas where there are more free weights and people can more easily monitor their lifting form. 

Shine up your gym using floor designs like tile or laminate covering. Choosing bare concrete and covering it up with padded floor mats are also a cost-efficient and practical option as well. 

Technological integration is another thing to consider when designing your commercial gym. Alarm systems, sound systems, and even fitness tracking software are almost necessary for a gym today to remain in operation. 

You also need to make sure that you are up to code on all federal and state safety regulations such as building codes and requirements enforced by the ADA. 

Why is Gym Decoration Important in Managing a Gym?

The way you decorate your gym says a lot about the ethos of the place. An aesthetically pleasing gym builds a trustworthy appeal and lets members know they are in the right place to improve their lives and be part of a positive community.

What is the Best Color for Gym Design?

Many studies have shown that certain colors and combinations affect people’s moods and circadian rhythms. Deciding on the best color scheme depends on the location, demographics, and purpose of your gym.

Orange is stimulating and pleasing to the senses. Red is a bold action color that raises blood pressure and increases strength and stamina. Conversely, certain lighter shades of red and pink have been shown to promote a sense of happiness and comfort. Yellow clears people’s heads and makes them feel more upbeat. Pairing too much blue with colors such as orange, yellow, and white can be overwhelming. Calm people’s nerves by using purple in yoga rooms.  

Work with different color schemes to see which one best fits the vibe you want your gym to have. Make a five-year plan to keep the chosen scheme. Reevaluate the gym’s mood every six months. 

What is the Best Gym Entrance Design?

Your gym needs to have a warm and welcoming feel to it when people get close. A well-maintained exterior looks good to members and makes them feel like they are part of a friendly community. Allowing for a smooth and easy check-in process helps members keep that positive attitude throughout their workout.

Install larger or multiple doors that allow people the opportunity to socialize while other members can move around freely. Design an easy sign-in process so your employees can mostly focus on maintaining a healthy social environment and maintaining good relationships with members. 

How Does Gym Decor Attract Customers?

The exterior design of a gym is often taken for granted, but a modern gym exterior design helps set the stage for a pleasant gym experience. Utilize signs and other promotional materials to make the building more visually appealing and attract more customers. Take advantage of window space by applying advertising adhesives over them, preferably ones with small holes so sunlight can still get through. Give the building a makeover by painting the exterior to match the interior color scheme. The painting creates a sense of uniformity and colors that eventually become associated with your gym.

Is Investing in Gym Decorations a Good Marketing Idea?

Yes, investing in gym decorations plays a vital role in the branding of your gym. Colorful decorating schemes along with ornaments, sculptures, and other artwork eventually make your brand synonymous with a fun and productive environment.

Does Gym Design Change the Atmosphere of The Gym?

Yes, Gym designs have almost everything to do with the overall atmosphere of your gym. A person’s mood is greatly affected by their surroundings and environmental factors. Gyms are places where people go to improve their lives and turn bad habits into good ones. A welcoming gym design instills a sense of comfort and increased confidence in members who need it the most. 

Ensure that fitness equipment and weight machines are properly spaced out. People are turned off and uncomfortable if they are constantly shuffling past each other at a time when they need their space. Proper lighting sets the stage for an enjoyable experience. 

Why is the Gym Atmosphere Important?

Your gym’s atmosphere is vital to its success because positive energy attracts and maintains customers. They feel like it is a place they can get results as soon as they walk in and want to be part of the community. Members feel a lot more comfortable if they know that a problem gets taken care of when they address it to you or a staff member.  

Should You Have a Gym Interior and Exterior Design Plan Before Opening a Gym?

Yes, you should absolutely plan ahead and have definitive interior and exterior design plans before getting started. Failing to plan is planning to fail. The entire process would be a mess without any proper planning and your gym enterprise would crash and burn before even coming close to fruition. 

How to Open a Gym

Opening a gym does not have to be a difficult process, but it depends on your business plan and overall goals. Having a business plan will increase your chances of getting approved for a loan by the bank. This includes a pricing model, a plan for generating revenue and financial projection, variable and fixed costs, location, and target demographics.

It would be a prudent idea to have a backup plan just in case you are unable to find a bank willing to give you a business loan to get started. Creativity and innovation carry you a long way and potentially lead to growth opportunities that were previously unavailable. It is possible for you to find an abandoned building or lot for sale or rent and make the best of the situation.  

Establish Financial Goals

Your financial goals should be contingent on what kind of gym you have envisioned. Niche gyms that focus heavily on one or a few programs are rising in popularity. Pilates, CrossFit, spin classes, and the like have started integrating with traditional fitness gyms, and in some cases are more attractive to people. 

Opening a traditional gym with integrated niche classes better serves you in the long term because fitness fads typically die out and get replaced with the newest craze. Traditional gyms have long stood the test of time and at the same time operate under a relatively simple business model. 

Possessing a pertinent degree or certification is likely to increase your odds of being approved because it shows you are knowledgeable about your focus even if you do not have a lot of business experience. 

Educating yourself about the required licensing and safety regulations reduces the risk of being sued, fined, or shut down completely.

Invest in durable, high-quality fitness equipment that does not wear out as fast when your membership begins to grow. 

What is the Best Color for Gym Design?

The color scheme for your gym reflects your personality as well as setting the fitness atmosphere. Different colors and lights elicit different moods. Red can make people more aggressive whereas yellow can calm the nerves. Mixing them together has different effects on people’s subconsciousness. 

Why Is the Gym Atmosphere Important?

The atmosphere of your gym is important because it establishes the gym’s ethos and affects the mood of every one of your members and potential members. It needs to be a place where people can feel safe and comfortable so they can focus on improving themselves. 

What Are the Things to Consider in Designing a Gym?

There are many factors to consider when designing a commercial gym layout. Location, membership fees, and variable and fixed costs are some of the most important. One of the most important things to focus on is the overall layout of the interior. The gym equipment needs to be stationed in places that will facilitate the flow of traffic and reduce the risk of injury. Locker room sizes and storage capacity for members and other equipment play a key role in retaining members and the ability to try new programs that require different types of weights and programs.

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