Our hero today is Evina Del Pizzo, a personal trainer and co-founder of Built Strong Strength Club. In this episode, Evina walks us through her journey of creating a fantastic brand, then losing it and having to rebuild that brand again from scratch. She impacts the importance of the brand experience, not just the sound or look, which are things that transcend specific logos and color schemes.

Evina also delves into the differences between marketing gyms and marketing yourself as a personal trainer.

Build a Fitness Brand Beyond the Visual Elements

When Evina Del Pizzo set out to create a brand in the fitness industry, she focused on an experience that went beyond logos and color schemes.

Throughout the Gym Heroes podcast sponsored by Gymdesk, Evina highlights how her personal brand and gym brand have been shaped by her values, focusing on strength training, safety, recovery, flexibility, and nutrition.

From Personal Training to Gym Ownership

Evina’s journey from certified personal trainer to gym owner is a testament to her adaptability and commitment to her vision. By interning at a physical therapy facility, she gained insights that would guide her brand’s philosophy.

Trademark issues led to a business name change, but by emphasizing her personal connection with clients, the brand’s essence remained unchanged.

Marketing Strategy: Education with a Dash of Humor

Built Strong Strength Club’s approach to marketing involves educational content sprinkled with humor. Evina and her team ensure that their language is authentic and clear, steering clear of empty promises.

Recognizing the difference in marketing as a personal trainer versus a gym has allowed Evina to cater to a broader audience, including hosting events like posing clinics and strength challenges.

Client Relationships and Community

Referrals form the crux of Built Strong Strength Club’s clientele, with 99% of their business driven by satisfied customers. Their referral program, which includes perks like a free month’s membership and commission, exemplifies their commitment to client relationships.

These strategies cultivate an environment that fosters friendships and a strong sense of community.

Client Retention Through Engagement and Regular Communication

Maintaining a clean facility, updating decor, offering retail options, and open communication via text, Instagram, and email are just a few ways Built Strong Strength Club keeps their clients engaged and invested in the community. They also provide instructional videos and updates on events through mediums like YouTube and Mailchimp to keep customers informed and connected.

Listen to Customer Feedback

Evina stresses the importance of being responsive to customer feedback, a practice that proved crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a smaller facility, Built Strong Strength Club is positioned to enact changes quickly, based on feedback, fostering a responsive and welcoming environment.

Conclusion: Resilience Through Rebranding

The journey of Built Strong Strength Club is a powerful narrative of resilience, community-building, and creating a brand that stands for more than just its name. Evina Del Pizzo’s story is one of strength—not just in the physical sense but in the robustness and flexibility of her brand in the face of change and challenge.

For a deeper dive into Evina’s insights, catch her on the Gym Heroes podcast or follow her on Instagram.

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