Our hero today is Cory Sterling, a licensed attorney specializing in fitness businesses, especially yoga studios.

In this episode, Cory unpacks the biggest legal pitfalls that fitness businesses find themselves in. He then counterpoints these with 3 easy ways every yoga and fitness business can protect itself legally.

Finally, Cory reveals how your generic liability waivers might not help you in court.

The Role of Liability Waivers

Liability waivers form the first line of defense against potential legal claims. However, a one-size-fits-all approach can often leave your business vulnerable. Customizing these waivers to reflect the specific activities and risks associated with your business isn’t merely a legal formality—it’s a necessity.

Construct robust liability waivers that are both comprehensive and understandable. The key ingredient is that they actually mention activities unique to your sport or exercise modality, and the waivers are composed by legal experts in your industry.

The Importance of Insurance

While a solid liability waiver is crucial, it is not infallible. This is where insurance comes into play, serving as a complement to waivers by covering unforeseen incidents that waivers may not address.

This section explores the types of insurance needed for various fitness activities, from yoga to high-intensity interval training.

Trademarking Your Brand

A trademark does more than protect your brand’s name and logo; it secures your business’s identity and can be an asset in marketing and legal domains.

We’ll delve into the process of trademark registration, the benefits it offers, and why it’s an investment worth considering for every fitness business.

Contracts and Agreements

Using detailed, industry-specific contracts including employment agreements and member terms of service can prevent future disputes.

This part provides insight into what clauses to include and how to ensure these documents are legally binding and reflective of your operational model.

Using Social Media Wisely

In our digital age, utilizing social media is indispensable for marketing; however, it comes with its own set of legal implications.

From media releases to consent for using clients’ images, this section discusses how to navigate these waters safely, ensuring that your marketing strategies remain both effective and compliant.


Running a fitness business requires not only passion and dedication but a keen understanding of the legal landscape. Ensuring that your business is equipped with detailed, pertinent legal documentation and practices is crucial.

For more specific legal advice or to set up a consultation, you can reach Cory Sterling and his team at Conscious Counsel through their official website.

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